Nurses, teachers and firemen will not get big pay rises this year, Downing Street warns


STRUGGLING public sector workers should brace themselves for a meagre pay rise this year, Boris Johnson has indicated.

But pensioners will get a big boost as the triple lock is returning – meaning their pensions will go up in line with rocketing inflation

The PM and his Cabinet yesterday warned that big pay rises for teachers, nurses and firemen could backfire and fuel “spiralling inflation”.

Boris Johnson (pictured at Cabinet) has suggested there needs to be pay restraint to stop the inflationary spiral getting worse
Rishi Sunak (pictured) is under massive pressure to boost Britain’s crumbling economy, which shrank by 0.1 per cent in March

Ministers could step in and tear up recommendations of independent pay bodies if they fail to show “restraint”, Downing Street warned.

The dire warning is a huge blow to millions struggling to heat their homes and put food on the table as inflation hits an eye-watering 9 per cent.

Recounting yesterday’s Cabinet, the PM’s spokesman said: “The Government has already pledged to increase public sector spending and is awaiting decisions by public sector review bodies.

“However, ministers made clear the risk of triggering higher inflation must be part of considerations when deciding pay awards this year.”

Pay review bodies are due to come forward with their proposals for pay settlements before the summer. 

But the PM’s spokesman did not rule out overriding the decision of the review bodies if they suggest above-inflation rises.

He said: “Government has the capability to do that in the purely hypothetical sense.”

As energy and food bills rocket, Brits are living through the biggest cost of living squeeze in half a century.

Trade unions have demanded massive pay rises of around 10 per cent to keep pace with rocketing inflation.

But No10 are terrified this will just heap petrol on the inflationary fire and tank the economy.

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