One in three Labour voters have no idea what the party stands for with Keir Starmer as leader


CLUELESS Sir Keir Starmer was hit by a new blow last night as a poll found one in three Labour voters has no idea what the party stands for now he is leader.

While two in three of all adults think the party has lost its way, Savanta ComRes found.

One in three Labour voters has no idea what the party stands for now Keir Starmer is leader

The Labour boss is now fighting to save his job and the party as voters turned to the Tories in last week’s elections.

They held on to a handful of mayoralties in the big cities but lost councillors and even the Hartlepool by-election as Boris Johnson continued to smash the Red Wall.

The poll revealed a huge chunk of Labour’s 2019 supporters say the leader doesn’t represent change for the better.

Eight in ten Tory voters say the party has a good vision for the future of the country, but just a third of Labour voters said the same for their party.

Chris Hopkins, Political Research Director at Savanta ComRes said last night Labour’s challenge was “laid bare for all to see”.

He added: “Even among their own voters, who remained loyal to the party in 2019 when so many flocked to the Conservatives, they’re less likely than their Conservative counterparts to view their own party as clear on what they stand for, representing change for the better, presenting a vision for the future of the country and, crucially, being the party of aspiration.

“With significant proportions of Labour voters thinking that the Conservatives embody these characteristics, it seems that Boris Johnson’s party offers a much better package to the electorate.

“Therefore it’s perhaps little wonder that, despite being in government for well over a decade, the Conservatives continue to enjoy unprecedented electoral success considering the stage of the electoral cycle.”

Meanwhile, separate polling showed Sir Keir‘s personal ratings have plummeted too.

Labour surrendered a traditionally safe seat in Hartlepool, as last week’s by-election saw Boris Johnson’s party continue to smash the Red Wall

Just one in five now feel favourable to him, down from one in four in March, Ipsos MORI found.

The percentage of people who see him unfavourably has shot up from 37 per cent to 43 per cent, and almost a quarter of 2019 Labour voters now view him negatively.

Only one in five think he will change the party for the better, and nearly half of Brits say he’s made no difference since taking over from Jeremy Corbyn.

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