Ousted chancellor Sajid Javid blasts Dominic Cummings in fiery resignation speech


OUSTED chancellor Sajid Javid today blasted Dominic Cummings in a fiery resignation speech.

Mr Javid hit out at the No10 chief in his resignation speech, before labelling the planned changes to the Treasury as not in the national interest.

Sajid Javid was ousted as chancellor

He resigned earlier this month after Boris Johnson demanded he sack all his advisers.

Speaking in the Commons, he said: Advisers advise, ministers decide and ministers decide on their advisers.

“I could not see why the treasury with the vital role that it plays should be the exception to that.

A Chancellor, like all cabinet ministers, has to be able to give candid advice so he is speaking truth to power.

I believe that the arrangement proposed would significantly inhibit that and it would not have been in the national interest.

“I do not intend to dwell further on the details or personalities, the Cummings and going, if you will.”

Javid’s bombshell decision to resign came amid an ongoing feud with the PM’s chief adviser Mr Cummings.

The controversial adviser had launched a surprise power-grab for the Treasury leaving the Chancellor’s tenure in tatters.

Their fallout was sparked when the spin chief unceremoniously sacked a member of Javid’s senior staff over an explosive leaking row last summer.

Javids allies had also repeatedly complained that Johnsons advisers were briefing against them, while Number 10 aides blasted Treasury officials for doing the same.

Sajid Javid laid into Dominic Cummings

Relations got so bad, some ministers worried about losing their jobs held meetings on how to combat the control freakery of Mr Cummings.

Concerns were also raised by Tory MPs, who claimed the Number 10 political team were really horrible about Sajid they see him as a block.

He became the shortest-serving Chancellor in 50 years, at just 204 days.