Over 160 terrorists released EARLY from prison in the last seven years, ex-minister reveals


MORE than 160 convicted terrorists have been released early from jail in the last seven years, an ex-minister has revealed.

Sir John Hayes informed the Commons of the figure yesterday as MPs tried to rush through an emergency law to end the automatic early release of terror offenders.

Sudesh Amman, 20, went on a stabbing spree in Streatham days after his early release from prison

The 163 let out since 2013 does not include those who served less than 12 months in jail.

The former security minister said: Leaving aside the short sentences, the more serious terrorist prisoners have been released in significant numbers.

Just imagine the effect on our security services and police of having to deal with the possible consequences of those releases.

Ministers want to get the new legislation on the statute book by February 27 before the next wave of dangerous terror convicts are due for release.

It follows an attack in Streatham, South London, this month when Sudesh Amman, 20, stabbed two people days after being freed from jail halfway through a 3-year terror term.

The Terrorist Offenders Bill cleared all its Commons stages in a day, but faces a tougher hurdle in the House of Lords in a fortnight before becoming law.

Ministers piled pressure on peers not to delay the crucial legislation.