People struggling with spiralling costs should find better pay, says Tory chair Jake Berry


PEOPLE struggling with spiralling costs should find a better-paid job or cut back on their spending, the Tory chair Jake Berry has said.

He told Sky News yesterday: “People know when they get their bills, they can either cut their consumption or get higher salaries or higher wages, and go out there and get that new job.

Tory chair Jake Berry told people struggling that they could either ‘cut their consumption’ or ‘get that new job’

“That’s the approach the Government is taking in trying to create growth.”

Labour deputy Angela Rayner last night said: “These comments show just how out of touch with reality Liz Truss’s Tories are.”

She added: “Jake Berry thinks people consigned to low pay can simply magically upgrade to a higher wage job.”

“While the Tories arrogantly blame working people and tell them once again to “get on your bike”, Labour has a plan to end work poverty with a genuine living wage for all.

“We’ll make Britain work for working people.”