Piers Morgan mauls ANOTHER minister blasting: ‘people will die’ over coronavirus testing


The GMB host today tore into Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis, just 24 hours after a car crash interview with Helen Whatley.

Mr Lewis struggled to answer questions on coronavirus tests

Mr Morgan erupted at the Minister in a furious spat over the number of coronavirus tests given out to the nation’s heroic Care Home workers.

He said: “You have capacity for 40,000 tests, you are doing 22,000 tests.

“Meanwhile, one in four care home workers who fear they have coronavirus have been tested.

“That is an absolute disgrace.

“Three quarters of our care workers who think they are infected are unable to get a test, that’s a national disgrace isn’t it.”

Mr Lewis insisted the Government were working to improve the numbers.

He said: “That’s why are are so determined.

“We want to make sure we build on that 18, 500 who have had the test.”

The firebrand host accused the Government of putting people’s lives at risk.

He warned: “People are going to die because you can’t get enough of these tests to people on the frontline, how do you feel personally about that?”

Mr Lewis said: “It’s dreadful that we can’t get more people tested, that’s why it’s important we do upscale the ability for people to test at home.

“I think the health department has done an amazing job. Across the private sector and Public Health England it’s been a phenomenal job.”


A furious Piers responded: “I’ve just told you that three quarters of our care workers who think they have the virus cannot get the test, and they are watching this terrified, going into the battle today, possibly risking their lives, possibly risking other people’s lives, and they are hearing you say you’ve done a phenomenal job on testing.”

The Senior Minister insisted: “We have to recognise as a country has been a really good job.

“Going from a virus with no tests whatsoever, that did not exist a matter of weeks ago, to aiming by the end of this month to deliver 100,000.”

It came 24 hours after Piers tore into the Care Minister for a second time over the care-home death-toll and called it a “scandal of epic proportions”.

The GMB host accused her of not knowing the real number of deaths in care homes.

Ms Whately claimed the latest figures for care home deaths were 1,043, but admitted it’s “probably more”.

Demanding answers, Mr Morgan said: “So how many do you think have died in care homes?

“You are the Care Minister, how many more have died than the Government figures?”