Piers Morgan savages ‘clueless’ MP Andrew Bridgen after Dominic Raab refuses to go on GMB


The telly host launched a furious tirade at the backbencher after the politician accused him of making a “diatribe against Boris Johnson”.

Piers Morgan screamed at the Tory MP

Returning after a week off due to a coronavirus scare, the controversial presenter asked if he was allowed to visit his two sons at a social distance.

Mr Bridgen replied: “As far as I would be concerned, I do not speak for the Government, as long as you maintain social distancing in what you do.”

The answer prompted an angry response from Piers, who claimed it was “completely against the new rules”.

He said: “You are a Conservative Member of Parliament, who thinks you know exactly what Boris Johnson has been saying, and you just told me to do something I’m not allowed to do.

“So this is the problem isn’t it? There is no clarity.

“It’s a load of flannel, talking about controlling the virus, you as a leading high profile conservative politician haven’t got a clue about what these rules, actually mean, and you’re an MP. You’re part of this.”

The firebrand host also labelled the Government’s handling of the crisis a “disgrace”.

He said: “We’ve had no PPE the NHS frontline workers account workers, that’s why 200 of them have died. It’s an absolute national disgrace.

“And when you come up and say, ‘I heard your diatribe against Boris Johnson’.

“The diatribe is because so many people have died, and so many people are continuing to die”.

In a video message yesterday evening, the PM:

  • Urged Brits to get back to work if they can’t from home
  • Revealed Brits would be allowed to sunbathe in parks and play unlimited sport from Wednesday – and can go on day trips
  • Said anyone coming into the country by air would be forced to quarantine
  • Schools will start going back from June – but only if the infection level is low enough
  • Announced he would hike up fines for people who break the rules from £60 to £100 – up to a max of £3,200 for multiple offenders
  • But he warned that pubs, cinemas and mass gatherings would be off the cards for months to come

Boris told the country of his plans to return to a new normal: “We have been through the initial peak – but it is coming down the mountain that is often more dangerous.

“We have a route, and we have a plan, and everyone in government has the all-consuming pressure and challenge to save lives, restore livelihoods and gradually restore the freedoms that we need.

“But in the end, this is a plan that everyone must make work.”

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