Pipe with concealed dagger is among weapons used by British spies in WW2 now up for sale


HERE’S proof smoking can be hazardous to the health of those around you . . .

A pipe that opens to reveal a dagger is among weapons belonging to British spies in World War Two that are now up for sale. A bladed pen and a garrotte for choking an enemy are among others.

This pipe is not a pipe… it’s a concealed dagger

The 26 lots being sold at East Bristol Auctions on Friday also include compasses hidden in coat toggles and brushes.

The sale also features a message bolt with a secret compartment, and several miniature cameras which were used to gather intelligence.

Less subtle but equally effective items going under the hammer are a miniature hacksaw and an unused reel of trip wire.

The collection is expected to fetch £3,000.

Auctioneer Andrew Stowe said: “They’re incredibly interesting artefacts.

“Perhaps the most interesting item is the smoking pipe which actually contains a hidden dagger.

“You can just picture the gentleman RAF Officer smoking this in his prison camp, just waiting for the opportunity to arise where he could make good his escape. It’s incredible.”

A garrotte used by British spies to choke the enemy

A bladed pen is among the World War Two gadgets

Shaving brush with a miniature camera used by British agents

A duffel coat toggle hides a miniature escape compass 

A rare Merlin Soe miniature camera is also up for sale

A mini hacksaw is among the concealed weapons to be auctioned

A message bolt with an ingenious secret compartment

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