PM to put nation on a diet with more gastric bands & ban BOGOF offers


BORIS Johnson will put the country on a diet to beat coronavirus – and is feeling “fit as a butcher’s dog” after restarting his own exercise regime. 

The PM is set to green light wider use of gastric band surgery, as part of a strategy to reduce the impact of any second wave this winter, according to reports.

Boris is said to want to get the nation fit again following the virus crisis

And he wants to get more people fit by boosting access to family exercise regimes, and increasing the number of outdoor gyms. 

Mr Johnson, who is on a diet after his brush with death as HOAR revealed this week, may also ban buy one get one free offers for unhealthy products and unlimited refills of junk food and drink. 

Plans have been drawn up by the Department of Health which include a proposal for mandatory calorie labelling for restaurants, cafes, and takeaways. 

An insider told the Sunday Times: “All the focus and energy is going to be on getting the nation fitter because, as the coronavirus has shown us, it will save lives.

“People have gone to extraordinary lengths to remain safe, including staying at home for the past 12 weeks, so encouraging them to eat more healthily and take more exercise should not be that difficult. 

“This is clearly our moment because if people want to do their bit to beat this virus then losing weight would be the best thing they can do.”



The PM has dismissed claims he is still suffering after effects from the virus – even cracking out a set of push ups in No 10 to prove his strength. 

And he has resumed his daily exercise routine of going running at 6.30am with his dog Dilyn, saying that his fitness is improving. 

He told the Mail on Sunday: “I would turn around and see my detectives just walking. But I want you to know that I am picking up speed now. 

“They have detected in the last few days a notable turn of speed and they are starting to break into a mild trot themselves.” 

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