Priti Patel says she ‘makes no apology’ for wanting to kick out foreign criminals in tough crackdown


PRITI Patel says she “makes no apology” for wanting to boot sick criminals out of the UK – after lefty lawyers thwarted her latest crackdown.

The Home Secretary was enraged to learn that a flight to Jamaica took off with just seven people yesterday after dozens were spared deportation.

The Home Secretary was enraged to learn that a flight to Jamaica took off with just seven people

Some 43 convicts including murderers and rapists were hauled off the Airbus A330 flight to Kingston before take-off.

The Airbus A330 almost never took off from Stansted at all after campaigners tried to use Covid to scrap the entire flight.

It emerged that lawyers for 18 of those with seats on the flight only lodged a last ditch appeal 24 hours before lift off.

This morning Ms Patel stuck to her guns and fumed: “I make absolutely no apology for taking action to remove foreign criminals – keeping the public safe from the likes of murderers, rapists & child sexual abusers.”

Home Office insiders say their legal teams were bombarded with “everything and anything” as lawyers tried and get their clients off the plane.

They dropped dossiers citing human rights laws saying they have close family in the UK or children born here.

And they also abuse Modern Slavery laws, claiming the criminals themselves are the victims and should not be deported.


A Whitehall source told HOAR: “Once again specialist law firms have pushed the law to its limit, wasting taxpayers money on meritless claims to try and keep dangerous foreign national offenders in the country.”

The seven who were chucked out of Britain had been jailed for a combined 46 years for rape, sexual offences against children, assault and possession of offensive weapons.

Raging Patel said last night: “These individuals are responsible for some of the most appalling crimes – rape, assault, grievous bodily harm, drug offences, and sexual assault of children.

“They have violated our laws and values and have left their victims living with the scars of the crimes that took place against them.

“The British people should be in no doubt of my determination to remove these criminals to protect both the victims of their crimes and the public.

“The Government uses every means to continue to remove foreign nationals who have committed crimes against our citizens.

“We remove foreign criminals from the UK to different countries every week and this flight is no different.”

The Home Office said none are British Nationals or members of the Windrush generation.

Maria Thomas from lefty ambulance chasing firm Duncan Lewis solicitors bragged the majority of their clients had their seats on the jet cancelled.

She said: “The Home Secretary’s removal practice by way of charter flights in this manner is brutal and inhumane, and a massive burden on the taxpayer.”

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