Red Wall Tories tell Boris Johnson to cut taxes or risk losing the next general election


RED Wall Tories today warn Boris Johnson – cut taxes or risk a bloodbath at the next election. 

A powerful group of Northern MPs will hold PM’s feet to the fire by drawing up their own ‘mini manifesto’ of demands at their own conference.

Boris Johnson is under pressure to cut taxes to help families
Tory MP Jake Berry will declare today that the PM needs to cut taxes fast

Putting Boris on notice, Red Wall leader Tory MP Jake Berry will declare today: “It’s time to stop talking about being the party of low tax, it’s time to be the government of low tax.”

Bojo and Rishi Sunak are both at the Doncaster conference giving rival speeches to woo the northern bloc.

But throwing down the gauntlet to No10 and No11, the powerful Tory group will warn it is not enough to just bang on about helping the Red Wall – they must put their money where their mouth is.

The group have drawn up a manifesto of demands to turbocharge growth in the North and deliver on the PM’s promise to ‘level up’ Britain.



Boris Johnson must not rest until we have taken back control… in full


Tories at war on tax – with ex-Boris economic adviser joining calls for cuts

Local mayors should get the power to cut taxes and build more housing, they say.

They also want a new ‘levelling up formula’ to send extra cash to struggling areas like the North.

And they want a new drive to skill workers on the Red Wall do they can become to carpenters, plumbers and computer programmers of the future.

Mr Johnson is under massive pressure to take an axe to they sky-high tax burden to ease the cost of living hell.

After a stormy six months which saw his premiership rocked by partygate and a rebel bid to oust him from No10, Boris is on a charm offensive to convince his backbenchers he is still the man for the job. 

But he is being pulled in different directions.

The Chancellor has warned cutting personal taxes – like VAT or income tax – risks fuelling inflation.

But one Cabinet minister said PM wants to go further.

They told HOAR: “There will be tax cuts. Boris is in charge – not Rishi.”