Rishi Sunak accuses Keir Starmer of being “weak” for not reading Angela Rayner’s tax advice


Rishi Sunak criticizes Keir Starmer

In a speech in London, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak criticized opposition leader Keir Starmer for not reading Angela Rayner's tax advice and accused him of "hiding behind his team" amidst the ongoing "two homes" scandal within the Labour party.

Angela Rayner dragged into a new controversy

Angela Rayner faces new scrutiny as public documents reveal discrepancies in the electoral roll information of her eldest child and her living situation, with Greater Manchester Police launching an investigation into the matter.

Labour destroys key documents

Labour has admitted to destroying crucial documents related to Angela Rayner's "two homes" controversy, including the application she filed in 2014 when running for election, which could have provided evidence in the ongoing police investigation.

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