Rishi Sunak Faces Challenges with Recession Verdict, Rwanda Plan Debate, and By-Elections


Double Trouble: Rising Inflation and Recession

Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, is gearing up for a tough week as the latest economic statistics are set to reveal rising inflation and the possibility of a recession. Inflation is expected to reach 4.4 percent following the recent increase in the energy price cap. Additionally, if there is another consecutive quarter of negative growth, the UK could enter a technical recession.

Defiant Sunak: "UK Has Turned a Corner"

Rishi Sunak remains optimistic despite the challenges. Speaking in Harrogate, he stated that he believes the UK has "turned a corner" since he assumed his position at the end of 2022. Sunak highlighted the decrease in inflation from 11 percent to 4 percent, the decline in mortgage rates, and the consistent rise in wages.

Tough By-Election Tests

Adding to Sunak's challenges are two upcoming by-elections, which could potentially result in the loss of once-safe Tory seats to the Labour Party. Conservative insiders are not optimistic about holding onto their 11,000 majority in Kingswood or their 18,000 majority in Wellingborough. The party has not allocated the usual campaign resources for these contests, raising concerns within the party.

Peers Set to Challenge Sunak's Rwanda Plan

Furthermore, Rishi Sunak's plan regarding Rwanda is expected to face opposition in the House of Lords, as peers are preparing to propose amendments that could undermine the scheme. The Prime Minister has previously warned unelected peers against frustrating the will of elected MPs who have supported the government's illegal immigration policy.

Sunak's Fight for Election Victory

Despite being behind Sir Keir Starmer in the opinion polls by around 20 points, Rishi Sunak has expressed his determination to win the next election. He remains undeterred and ready for the fight. Meanwhile, the Labour leader is facing his own challenges after his by-election candidate in Rochdale made controversial statements blaming Israel for a recent attack by Hamas. Additionally, Starmer is under pressure for reversing his promise to allocate £28 billion annually for green projects.