Rishi Sunak hails Brexit Britain as a world leader in artificial intelligence


BREXIT Britain is a world leader in artificial intelligence despite the naysayers talking the country down, the Prime Minister said yesterday.

Rishi Sunak is in Washington DC for talks with President Biden today amid chilling warnings the new technology is a risk to humanity.

Rishi Sunak said Brexit Britain is a world leader in artificial intelligence

Mr Sunak says it has fantastic potential that will change lives — but also needs what he is calling “guardrails” to keep it in check.

He now plans to convene a global summit on AI in London later this year, as he seeks to carve out a world leading role for Britain.

Tech company Plantir last night also confirmed it would base its global AI HQ in the UK — adding hundreds more high-skilled jobs to the 800 it already has in London.

But pushed during interviews last night over whether the UK risked being squeezed between the larger EU bloc and the US, the PM said: “I couldn’t disagree more.”

He continued: “When it comes to AI, the UK is unquestionably, by any metric, the leading democratic country outside of the US.”

Reflecting on the potential risks, the PM said: “The technology is enormously powerful. It’s going to reshape every aspect of our lives.

“And whilst that will bring many benefits, it also poses risks. That’s why guardrails are important.”