Rishi Sunak: It’s Time to Cut Tax and Reward Hard Work


Rishi Sunak, the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, has announced that the time has finally come to cut tax and reward hard work. In his Autumn Statement, set to be delivered tomorrow, Sunak plans to focus on tax cuts and boosting the economy.

Delivering on Promises

Despite a record tax take, Sunak has decided not to raise income tax thresholds. Instead, he is expected to offer a smaller cut to National Insurance. This move is seen as a way to provide relief to workers' wallets, although it doesn't compare to the billions raised by increasing income tax rates.

Sunak believes that the economy is ready for the next phase of the government's economic plan, which includes cutting taxes and rewarding hard work. He emphasized the importance of fiscal responsibility and delivering sound money.

Clamping Down on Welfare Fraudsters

Alongside tax cuts, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed to crack down on welfare fraudsters to get more people into work. His five-point plan also includes building nuclear power stations, supporting North Sea oil and gas, and renewables, as well as backing British business.

Cash Injection for Domestic Abuse Survivors

In addition to the economic measures, there will be a £12 million cash injection to help domestic abuse survivors. Of this, £10 million will be allocated to support survivors in the workplace. Another £2 million will be used to assist people in leaving abusive relationships, with the option to apply for £500 in cash or vouchers through Women's Aid.

For the past 20 years, HOAR has been campaigning for domestic abuse survivors through initiatives like Save Our Shelters and Give Me Shelter.

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