Rishi Sunak launches into first full day with Cabinet meeting & PMQs after vowing to fix economy & unite Britain

Rishi Sunak on phone to Joe Biden after name slip

RISHI Sunak is facing a massive first full day in the job, kicking off with a Cabinet meeting before heading to the Commons for a blockbuster PMQs.

Early this morning members of Mr Sunak’s new top tab table will assemble at No10 to hear from the PM.

Rishi Sunak will begin his first full day in the job by hosting a Cabinet meeting in No10

At midday Rishi Sunak will battle head-to-head with Sir Keir Starmer at his first PMQs as PM

The economy will be top of the agenda at the meeting, with the cost of living crisis continuing to squeeze household finances.

There could be some discussion about the October 31 mini budget, with hints it might be delayed.

The budget is expected to set out the government’s strategy for plugging a £40bn black hole in public finances.

It should also confirm any spending cuts and whether benefits will be uprated in line with inflation next April.

This morning Foreign Secretary James Cleverly told the BBC’s Today Programme the mini budget “may well still come on that date”.

But he added: “That date was set by the previous Prime Minister…I don’t know whether we are able to stick to that.”

When Cabinet concludes, Mr Sunak will head over to the Commons for his first ever face-to-face showdown with Sir Keir Starmer.

His new-look team, which includes a lot of familiar faces, will be sat behind him cheering him on.

Labour will be fiercely on the attack at PMQs, not just over soaring bills and inflation, but also the fact that Mr Sunak is the third Tory PM in the space of four months.

Yesterday, Mr Sunak revved the engine on his premiership by pledging fix Liz Truss’ mistakes and “put your needs above politics”.

He vowed: “I will unite our country, not with words, but with action. I will work day in and day out to deliver for you.”

Wasting no time in grappling with the economic crisis gripping the country, Mr Fix-It added: “That work begins immediately.”

By early afternoon announcements of the new Cabinet appointments begun.

Fifteen Borisites were booted out of the top team.

But a number managed to survive in a reshuffle that saw all wings of the Tory party given a role to play.

No10 confirmed that Jeremy Hunt will remain as Chancellor, as will James Cleverly as Foreign Secretary.

Grant Shapps was moved to Business Secretary to pave the way for Suella Braverman to make a spectacular comeback as Home Secretary.

Just six before she was fired from the job by Ms Truss for sending confidential emails from a private account – a major breach of the Ministerial Code.

Other comeback kids include Michael Gove as Levelling Up Secretary, Oliver Dowden as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Mark Harper as Transport Secretary.

Last night Mr Sunak also held a range of important phone calls.

He spoke to hero President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and ensured him Britain’s support for Ukraine remains as strong as ever.

Mr Sunak also called up US President Joe Biden, Nicola Sturgeon and Mark Drakeford.