Rishi Sunak & Liz Truss raced over to help Kate McCann after she fainted in the Sun readers debate


CARING contenders Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss raced over to aid Kate McCann last night after she fainted in the Sun readers debate.

The pair battling to become PM said they were glad Kate was making a speedy recovery after she became unwell half-way through the live debate.

Liz Truss was shocked after host Kate McCann fainted in the Sun readers debate

TalkTV Political Editor Kate had given them a fierce grilling on the NHS, tax and cost of living.

Mr Sunak tweeted after the debate had to be cut short: “Good news that you’re already recovering Kate McCann.

“It was a great debate and I look forward to getting grilled by you again shortly!”

And Liz Truss added: “Relieved to hear Kate McCann is fine.

“Really sorry that such a good debate had to end.

“Look forward to catching up with Kate and the rest of the HOAR and TalkTV team again soon.”

Both teams were making their pitches to be the next PM in a primetime showdown live on TalkTV — until the debate was cut short at 6.31pm.

A News UK spokeswoman said: “Kate McCann fainted on air tonight and although she is fine, the medical advice was that we shouldn’t continue with the debate.

“We apologise to our viewers and listeners.”

Both candidates raced over to aid Kate after she fainted