Rishi Sunak Supports Israel’s Right to Self-Defense Six Months After Terror Attack


Royal Navy to Aid Gaza

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak reiterated the UK's support for Israel's right to defend itself on the six-month anniversary of the Hamas terror attack that claimed over 1,100 lives and left 130 hostages. Sunak called for the release of the hostages and an end to the conflict, expressing shock at the bloodshed.

Call for Ceasefire

Sunak emphasized the need for a long-term, sustainable ceasefire for the benefit of both Israelis and Palestinians, urging peace, dignity, and security for all. The UK will continue working towards this goal.

Humanitarian Aid from the UK

The Royal Navy will provide aid to the thousands in Gaza facing starvation, with a £9.7 million package of military and civilian support announced by the Foreign Secretary to establish a maritime corridor from Cyprus to the Strip. This aid effort aims to alleviate the suffering in the war-torn region.

Efforts for Hostage Release

Israel's military recently recovered the body of a farmer held hostage in Gaza, renewing pressure on the government to secure the release of remaining hostages. Talks for a ceasefire and the release of hostages are underway, with Hamas indicating a willingness to free more hostages in exchange for various concessions.