Rishi Sunak urges Tory MPs to get behind his deal — and not let fox Keir Starmer into the Brexit henhouse

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak holds a Q&A session with local business leaders during a visit to Coca-Cola HBC in Lisburn, Co Antrim in Northern Ireland. Mr Sunak is visiting Northern Ireland to sell the Windsor Framework deal secured with the European Union. Picture date: Tuesday February 28, 2023. PA Photo. The framework removes the Northern Ireland Protocol's barriers on trade across the Irish Sea and hands a "veto" to politicians in Stormont on EU law - a set of concessions from Brussels that went further than some expected. See PA story POLITICS Brexit. Photo credit should read: Liam McBurney/PA Wire

RISHI Sunak has warned Tory MPs to get behind his deal — and not let the remainer fox Sir Keir Starmer into the Brexit henhouse.

The PM urged his backbenchers to support the Windsor Framework or risk “Mr 2nd Referendum” seizing power and dragging Britain back into the EU.

Rishi Sunak has warned Tory MPs to get behind his deal

The PM also urged them not to let the remainer fox Sir Keir Starmer into the Brexit henhouse

He also suggested he was prepared to press ahead with the deal without DUP support and that his agreement with Brussels was effectively a “take-it-or-leave-it” offer.

Rishi yesterday hopped over to Northern Ireland to sell his newly minted accord with Brussels to fix the Brexit border chaos there.

Urging the unionist DUP to back his deal, the PM said: “If we get this right, if we get this framework implemented, Northern Ireland is in the unbelievably special position of having privileged access, not just to the UK home market, which is enormous, but also the European Union single market.”

Mr Sunak also sold his deal to Brexiteer Tory MPs last night, urging them to put the Brexit “dramas” behind them or risk being punished by the voters, citing recent polls favouring Sir Keir Starmer’s party.

Addressing the backbench 1922 Committee, he said: “A poll the other day had Labour leading on who would best manage Brexit. That is crazy.

“Mr 2nd referendum is no more the best person to implement Brexit than Mr Fox is to look after the hen house.”

Last night Tory MPs waited with “bated breath” for the verdict of unionists on whether they would support the deal.

Brexiteer minister Steve Baker said: “People are worried about the DUP but there’s an earnest sense of relief and support.”

However there were concerns amongst critics last night over the difference between the UK’s interpretation of the Windsor deal, and what the EU said they thought they had conceded.

And some members of the DUP last night accused the King of “jeopardising” the Monarchy by meeting EU boss Ursula von der Leyen on Monday.

Unionist MP Sammy Wilson warned Charles would “regret” the meeting that risked “politicising the Monarchy” over the deal.

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