School sports days CAN return when kids go back – but they will have to stay in year ‘bubbles’


SCHOOL sports days will be allowed to return when pupils go back to school from September, but kids must remain in their year-group ‘bubbles’.

The Government today outlined new advice and guidance to help every child get back in the classroom for the start of the new academic year.

Sports days will be back on but kids will have to remain in their bubbles

It means that all children will have a specific group of others they can mix with, but they will have to distance from everyone else.

Sport and sports days will be able to return, but kids will only be able to race against others from their bubble.

This is because of the risk of spreading the virus through droplets in the air when exercising.

Pupils should be kept in consistent groups and sports equipment thoroughly cleaned between each use, the guidance outlined today revealed.

And contact sport like rugby is still banned for now.

Kids should do their PE lessons outside whenever possible, and indoor spaces must be large enough to try and distance in.

“This is particularly important in a sports setting because of the way in which people breathe during exercise,” the new advice says.

“External facilities can also be used in line with government guidance.”

Schools are able to work with external coaches and clubs to teach lessons too when schools return, too.

Every child is expected to return to school in the UK by September

It means after-school football club will be back on – but kids will have to stay in those same groups for every lesson.

It came as the Government also confirmed that holiday clubs and other activity classes will be able to return too.

The full schools return plan includes:

  • Staggered breaks and start times
  • Year group ‘bubbles’ to minimise spread and whole schools could have to isolate
  • They even have to stay in their bubble on the bus to and from school
  • Fringe subjects can be dropped to focus on Maths and English at the start of the year
  • Kids will HAVE to go back to school from September, or their parents will face a £120 fine again.
  • Nursery class size limits scrapped
  • All kids can attend summer clubs but only in groups of 15
  • Adapted class rooms to social distance
  • No school choirs or assemblies
  • A £1billion plan to include a tutoring programme for disadvantaged kids to catch up

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson confirmed the plan this morning to get kids safely back to school in September.

He said in the Commons today: “It is critical to ensure that no child loses more time in education, and that from September all children who can be in school, are at school.

“We have got to bring all children back into school at the earliest possible opportunity.”

And he took a pop at Labour for helping to block schools return with unions, blasting: “It shouldn’t be about trade unions dictating what to do best for our children.”