Scotland Yard under pressure to release Partygate pics after criminal probe


SADIQ Khan has piled pressure on Scotland Yard to release the full cache of Partygate pics or risk accusations of a “cover up”.

Labour’s London Mayor said the Met should not give Boris Johnson special treatment by caving to demands for the snaps to be kept secret. 

Sadiq Khan has piled pressure on Scotland Yard to release Partygate pics
Boris Johnson is allegedly holding a bottle of beer in one of the snaps

Cops are trawling through 300 pics of lockdown-busting bashes in No10 as part of their criminal investigation.

One is believed to show the PM clutching a bottle of beer. 

But the Cabinet Office has reportedly gone to the Met after jittery Downing St aides feared it would damage their reputations.

Whitehall sources said the Cabinet Office has asked the Met to “clarify” whether it intends to release the pics, but was not making any demands. 

Yet Mr Khan weighed in yesterday to demand they should be published in the name of democracy.

He told LBC: “What normally happens in relation to police prosecutions – because we believe in open justice – is that things become public.”

He added: “And I think we have to be very careful about an impression being given of a cover up, or one rule for the PM and his colleagues, mates and one rule for the rest of us. 

“So I would say to those involved with the prosecution, and those in the Cabinet Office – you should be doing your job without fear or favour. 

“So let’s not change the rules because of requests from the Prime Minister or a perception of consequences if you don’t.”

Mr Khan has no power to force the Met and said it would be inappropriate for him to demand the pics.

The Lib Dems are separately trying to force the pics into the open with a vote in Parliament. 

Mr Johnson has until tonight to respond to the Met’s questionnaire into the avalanche of gatherings during lockdown. 

Scotland Yard previously said it would not identify recipients of fixed penalty notices.

The Cabinet Office and Met Police declined to comment.