Scrap the term MP’s expenses because if makes us look GREEDY, says top Tory


A SENIOR Tory is demanding the term “expenses” is scrapped because it makes MPs look greedy.

Environment minister Rebecca Pow called the description of cash used to run Westminster and constituency offices “highly misleading”.

Senior Tory Rebecca Pow has demanded the term ‘expenses’ is scrapped because it makes MPs look greedy

Her request for an investigation into “the way our Parliamentary expenses are listed and publicised” came after it was reported her own costs were £176,000 a year.

She set out her demands in a submission to the Commons committee for standards.

Ms Pow said: “The way it is conveyed at present adds yet more grist to the mill for MPs to be pilloried for being grasping.

“Please can consideration be given to re-naming this to give a more accurate description of what this is?”

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She added the public “might be under the impression” the £176,000 was what she claimed for herself.

But she pays for her own teas, coffees and hospitality in the course of her work.

It comes as budgets for MPs have been increased to take account of inflation.

Ms Pow was approached for comment.

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