Secondary schools reopening: Years 10 and 12 to get teacher time from next week – and all back by September


TEENAGERS in years ten and twelve are set to return to classrooms for some time with their teachers from next week – with the aim for them all to return by September.

Gavin Williamson said the Government was “working towards” getting all secondary and primary school children to return for the start of the new academic year.


Some secondary school pupils will start returning for meetings with teachers from next week

The Education Secretary told the House of Commons this lunchtime: “The next step of our phased approach, will allow secondary schools and colleagues [to open] for face to face support for year 10 and year 12.”

It will also be available for teens between the ages of 16 and 19 who are due to take key exams next year.

He said it was his “absolute ambition” to get all kids back by September, but couldn’t guarantee it.

The news comes as:

  • The Government dropped a plan to get all primary school kids back in school for a month before the summer
  • Mr Williamson said that “we will be working to bring all children back to school in September” as planned.
  • Exams will take place next year as planned for A Level and GCSE kids
  • Years 10 and 12 to get some teacher time from next week
  • The Children’s Commissioner accused the Government of prioritising reopening pubs over kids’
  • Schools could have to shut if the local R level of transmission goes up again

From June 15, kids can come into secondary schools to discuss their learning with teachers.

But only a quarter of those who can will be able to come in at once to make sure that they can stay apart for each other, he admitted.

Today’s news means that for most secondary school kids, they will be expected to learn from home until September at the very earliest.

Mr Williamson said that the plan was for all kids to go back for the start of the next academic year.