Shots Fired in Migrant Chaos before Vessel Sank in Channel as Teen Reveals Horror Ordeal


Chaos at the French Camp Grande-Synthe

Violence erupted at the French camp Grande-Synthe on Friday as migrants desperately tried to board dinghies to reach Britain. The situation escalated when Afghan migrants clashed with Kurdish smuggling gangs over access to the boats. A teenager who witnessed the chaos stated, "There was a fight between Kurds and Afghans, but I am not too sure really. I just hid. There was screaming too."

Violence a Common Occurrence

According to migrants living in Grande-Synthe, fights between different nationalities are a regular occurrence. One teenager remarked, "It happens all the time. I think they just fire their guns in the air mainly to frighten each other. This place is full of bad people."

Small Boat Sinks, Six Dead

In the early hours of Saturday, a small boat carrying 65 people sank in the Channel, resulting in the deaths of six individuals. The dinghy was dangerously overcrowded, and five survivors suffered from hypothermia. Two others are still missing. The incident has brought the total number of illegal migrants arriving in the UK by small boats to over 100,000.

Call for Drastic Measures

Tory MPs expressed anger over the milestone figure and called for drastic measures to address the issue. The Tory deputy chair, Lee Anderson, emphasized that the migrants crossing the Channel are not genuine asylum seekers but illegal migrants. He called for action to be taken to curb the problem.

PM Stakes His Premiership on Curbing Boat Crossings

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made curbing boat crossings a key priority of his premiership. He is currently awaiting the Supreme Court's decision on his Rwanda deportation scheme and is prepared to leave the European Court of Human Rights if necessary to implement the plan.