Sir Keir Starmer accused of hypocrisy over deal allowing him to avoid tax on pension


SIR Keir Starmer stood accused of hypocrisy last night after it emerged he has a unique pension deal allowing him to avoid tax on his savings.

The Labour chief wants wealthy savers to have a cap on their pension savings and led a Commons attempt last night to overturn a Budget policy change on the matter.

Sir Keir Starmer was accused of hypocrisy after it emerged he has a deal allowing him to avoid tax on his pension

But it emerged last night that while he was Director of Public Prosecutions he benefited from any money he saved in the role not counting towards his total, The Telegraph reported.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced last week that pensioners can save more than £1.07 million without incurring charges which stops many in senior roles including doctors from staying in work.

Sir Keir criticised Hunt for a “huge giveaway to some of the very wealthiest” by getting rid of the lifetime allowance for all pension pots.

Tory MP Kieran Mullan said: “This is brazen hypocrisy from Sir Keir Starmer.

“Sir Keir should come clean and explain why he should benefit from an uncapped pension pot, but other public servants shouldn’t.”

A Labour spokesman said: “The pension rules for the Director of Public Prosecutions are set by the government of the day, not the DPP themselves.”