Sir Keir Starmer Accuses Tories of Broken Promises on Migration


Labour leader accuses government of squandering faith voters put in them

Sir Keir Starmer will tomorrow deliver a speech on the fourth anniversary of the 2019 General Election, in which he will accuse the Tories of seven years of broken promises on migration. He will argue that the government has failed to deliver on their commitment to sort out Britain's borders and instead, has allowed record net migration figures to increase. Starmer will claim that the government has chosen higher migration over raising skills and improving working conditions.

"Brexit was a vote for lower immigration"

Sir Keir Starmer will emphasize that Brexit was a vote for lower immigration but also for the idea that hard work should be rewarded with a livable wage. He will argue that the Tories have failed to make Brexit work over the past seven years, consistently choosing higher migration over raising skills and improving working conditions.

Labour Shadow Secretary refuses to back minimum salary threshold increase

Liz Kendall, Labour's Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, has refused to support the government's plan to raise the minimum salary threshold for migrants to £38,000. This is despite her party previously calling for an increase from the previous limit of £18,600. The disagreement highlights the ongoing debate within the Labour Party regarding immigration policies.

Tories determined to reduce "unacceptable" net migration figures

Cabinet Minister Michael Gove has expressed the Tories' determination to reduce the "unacceptable" net migration figures. He refers to measures announced by Home Secretary James Cleverly last week as evidence of the government's commitment to addressing the issue. The government is under pressure to take action to control migration levels.