Snob artist Hetty Douglas who mocked intelligence of scaffolders comes out to back Jeremy Corbyn


A young artist who was blasted on social media after she made fun of scaffolders, saying “these guys look like they got 1 GCSE” has come out campaigning for Jeremy Corbyn.

Hetty Douglas was forced to write a groveling apology after mocking the intelligence of a group of scaffolders at a McDonalds in central London in September 2017, saying her Instagram post criticising the workers was “not nice and clever”.

Artist Hetty Douglas came out in support of Jeremy Corbyn
London based artist Hetty Douglas has been slammed for this social media post
The cruel social media post sparked an angry backlash

Ms Douglas took to Instagram to swear allegiance to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party, who traditionally represent the working class, despite her previous attack on construction workers.

“Had the pleasure of meeting @jeremycorbyn today at Winwood Heights, Nottingham. A social housing centre where my mum lives following a serious accident that happened almost a year ago,” she said

She said Mr Corbyn’s visit was “highlighting the importance of all that @uklabour stands for (benefiting the young & not so young alike) Social care/housing, NHS, education #longlist keep the hope, keep it fair, vote labour.”

The 27-year-old artist used her Instagram story for political campaigning rather than smearing workers, re-posting Jeremy Corbyn’s picture of himself standing by a Robin Hood statue, promising to “pull down a corrupt system and spread wealth and power to all”.

The construction workers who were unfairly ridiculed by Ms Douglas demanded the artist apologise for her cruel jibe.

Warren Butt, one of the workers in her picture told Sun Online: “It’s not very nice. It made us look like a load of idiots when we are just trying to crack on and do some work.”


The London artist has been branded a 'spoilt little rich girl'
Hetty Douglas was branded a ‘spoilt rich girl’

Ms Douglas said her Instagram was misinterpreted and people were unfairly branding her as “posh”: “I am not posh. I come from an ordinary family in Nottingham… Yes, I’m an artist and yes I live in south London, but I’m a grounded person and was raised to work hard for what I’ve got.”

Ms Douglas had previously posted a picture of herself in a Supreme hoody, which cost upwards 100, posing with a job centre booklet.

Ms Douglas has been approached for comment.