Stockport and Wigan could face fresh coronavirus lockdown rules within days


STOCKPORT and Wigan could face extra coronavirus lockdown restrictions within days, it was feared tonight.

Ministers are looking closely at the areas to figure out whether they need to bring them in line with the rules across Greater Manchester – where household mixing is banned in most places.

Stockport (pictured) could face extra measures as soon as tomorrow

Top officials and members of the Government held a gold command meeting today to review the data.

Sources suggested to HOAR that Stockport and Wigan may have extra measures brought in tomorrow due to a rise in cases – which could have implications for around 600,000 people.

One local source said: “I wouldn’t be surprised to see new measures come in – the figures are in the red.”

Bolton and Oldham are under even stricter local lockdown rules, with pubs only able to serve takeaway food due to soaring case numbers.

The Government usually issues out local lockdown updates on a Friday lunchtime.

Stockport and Wigan do have lower rates than other parts of the region – but the latest figures show them to be in the danger zone.

Wigan has 106 cases per 100,000, and stockport is on 70 per 100,000.

In contrast, however, Bolton has a rate of 212 cases per 100,000, and Bury close behind on 173.

Matt Hancock has promised local leaders more of a say in their local coronavirus restrictions.

But it’s understood that lobbying from Bolton politicians to get their extra restrictions removed haven’t been successful.

Today there were more than 6,600 new cases of coronavirus recorded across the UK – and the true number is thought to be around 10,000 new cases a day.

It comes after Boris Johnson announced nationwide coronavirus restrictions which will kick in from tomorrow, and he hopes will avoid the need for a second national lockdown.

Pubs in England will have to shut at 10pm, but deliveries will be able to continue.

People will have to cover up when they come inside restaurants, cafes or bars, but can take off their mask to eat or drink.

They will now face a tougher fine of £200 for breaking the rules, and indoor sports of six people in a group are now off.

Weddings will have their numbers capped to 15, but funerals will stick at 30.