Stunning poll shows Brexit Party might be on course to help Boris into Number 10


NIGEL Farage could keep Boris Johnson in Downing Street by pulling key votes away from Labour, a shock poll suggests.

The Brexit Party supremo revealed he would stand down in 317 areas where the Tories won in 2017, to avoid splitting the vote completely for Leave and allowing Labour to get through.

Boris Johnson could be on course to stay in power thanks to the Brexit Party going up against Labour
Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party will contest Labour-held seats but not those held by Conservative candidates

But he refused to go further and step down his candidates in Labour areas as he continues to take the fight to Jeremy Corbyn ahead of the December 12 general election.

Now, a new stunning poll suggests Labour’s Melanie Onn will lose her Great Grimsby seat to the Conservatives despite a 2,565 majority.

The Labour vote is down 18 per cent according to a Survation poll for the Economist in an area which voted 71 per cent for Leave in 2016, reports The Mail.

And a nationwide poll by Ipsos Mori today showed Boris Johnson’s party has a 16-point lead over Labour with three weeks to go to the election.

Support for the Conservatives stood at 44 per cent, up three points from last week’s poll, and that Labour was up four points at 28 per cent.


It came as Mr Corbyn launched Labours general election manifesto in Birmingham as his fantasy spending plans were slammed as not credible by an economics expert.

The Labour boss plans to pay for his Marxist vision of 1970s-style re-nationalisation by raising 82.9bn with a series of 12 tax hikes.

But Paul Johnson, director of independent think-tank the Institute for Fiscal Studies, said it was simply not credible for Labour to raise the sum by slapping a tough tax on businesses and Britains highest earners.

He told ITV: “You cannot raise that kind of money in our tax system without affecting individuals.

Mr Johnson was stunned by Labours radical spending plan.

He said: “Its impossible to overstate just how extraordinary this manifesto in terms of the sheer scale of money being spent and raised through the tax system.

“Hundreds of billions of additional spending on investment, 80 billion plus per year on spending on day-to-day things; social security, spending on the NHS, students loans and so on.

Matched by, supposedly, an 80 billion increase in tax. These are vast numbers – enormous, colossal, in the context of anything weve seen ever really.

The bombshell poll came as Mr Corbyn

  • Attacks business chiefs and vows to increase corporation tax to 26 %
  • Dodges position on Brexit but promises to renegotiate Boris’ deal
  • Plans renationalisation of our industries despite it hitting pensions
  • Rows back on zero-carbon emissions target and promises reductions

Mr Corbyn has also slapped businesses with a corporation tax hike of 26 per cent, with wealthy Brits earning more than 125k and 80k also having their pockets hit.

The leftie-leader plans to enforce a new second homes tax, a transaction tax on bankers, reversing inheritance tax cuts and imposing VAT on private schools to pay for his radical regime.

To try and win the green vote, Mr Corbyn pledged to enforce a windfall tax on oil companies to those who have knowingly damaged our climate will help cover the costs.

It also emerged that households face shelling out an extra 216 a year in taxes to cover the cost of Labour’s plans to freeze state pension age at 66.

According to financial provider AJ Bell, it could see the government forking out an extra 6bn a year to meet the increased cost of more people taking their state pension.

And this cost could be passed on to the UK’s 27.8million households.

Jeremy Corbyn today stoked the fires of division in the UK as he unveiled his class war manifesto
Jeremy Corbyn is flanked by his shadow cabinet as he arrives in Birmingham