Sulking Macron left COP26 summit after being snubbed by Boris Johnson for showdown talks over trade war threats


SULKING Emmanuel Macron sloped back to France after being snubbed by Boris Johnson for a showdown meeting, HOAR can reveal.

The grumpy French President left COP26 a whole day before other leaders, shortly after announcing he had delayed his threats to start a trade war with Britain.

Macron left an entire day before other world leaders after Boris’ snub

Mr Macron demanded a face to face sit down with Mr Johnson on Monday evening as tensions over fishing ran high.

But Downing Street declined as the PM was hosting the Royal Family at reception for world leaders – where Mr Macron was conspicuously absent.

Shortly after flight logs show his private jet speeding toward Paris from Glasgow Airport.

French sources insisted the President had always planned to spend just a single day in Scotland and “nothing” should be read into the timing of his departure.

But Mr Macron’s official diary was largely clear for Tuesday, with just a smattering of routine meetings.

And his departure came immediately after he made a humiliating climbdown in the ongoing fishing row – stepping back from brink over his threats to trigger a trade war over licences to French boats.

Last night Mr Johnson publicly slapped down claims Britain was ready to fold and give more access to our waters, telling HOAR: “Since you ask about whether the UK has changed its position on the fishing issue, the answer is no.”

The diplomatic temper tantrum, already dubbed “Le Strop”, came as the UK made plans to strip France of its status as Europe’s £120bn trade gateway to Britain over Mr Macron’s fishing wars sabre-rattling.

Ministers are looking at plans to divert goods away from Calais-Dover to ports in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Scandinavia.

Industry chiefs have been warning them for years of the need to end our reliance on the short straits and “promote resilience across the UK”.

Transport secretary Grant Shapps yesterday visited Immingham and Grimsby docks, which are among those earmarked for extra trade.

Simon Bird, from Associated British Ports, said they’re “faster and cheaper” than Dover for firms shipping to the Midlands and North.

Last night Paris was still sabre-rattling on fishing with sources close to Mr Macron insisting a trade war isn’t off the table.

Influential MP Bruno Bonnell said the UK was “bluffing” with his threat to take legal action if France goes ahead with punishment measures.

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