The Budget 2021 LIVE – Stamp duty extension hopes see house prices SURGE as buyers gamble on Rishi Sunak


PUBS and football clubs are to be given a £1million cash injection to help keep them afloat after the pandemic.

The Chancellor will use the Budget to pledge a whopping £150 million to help neighbourhoods take over assets loved by the community.

He said: “Pubs and sports clubs are the heart and soul of our local towns and villages – they’re the glue that keeps us together.

“This fund will help to ensure vital local institutions aren’t lost to those who treasure them most.”

The Chancellor will reveal the country’s spending plan on Wednesday – the first since coronavirus‘ devastating impact on the economy became clear and the first since the Brexit transition period came to an end.

The Budget is due to take place at around 12.30pm on Wednesday, once Prime Minster’s Questions ends in the House of Commons.