These Remainers just want Brexit done and are voting Tory to make it happen


FURIOUS Remainers have said that they want to get Brexit done, that they back Boris to deliver it, and that they are ashamed to have voted for Jeremy Corbyn at the last election.

Brits who voted to stay in 2016 told HOAR that the country should “go with the will of the majority at the time”, and “carry out what the majority decided.”

Richard said that he was a Remain voter from a Labour supporting family, but is now backing Boris
Mary, an accountant, said Brexit needed to be delivered so small businesses could continue to grow

Just two days to go before voters head to the polls, many of them admitted they had changed their mind on politics – showing that anything could happen in Thursday’s historic election.

All of them said they would now vote for Boris Johnson’s Conservatives to deliver Brexit.

Speaking outside Parliament this week one voter said: For many years I voted for Labour, but Corbyn is totally incompetent and frankly dim, so I have absolutely no respect for him.”

She was also furious at the Lib Dems, saying: Ah, the Limp Dims! Theyre a joke.

“Theyre anti-democratic, illiberal a complete farce.

To want to reverse the democratic vote of 2016 is inconceivable, frankly, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Richard, who voted Remain and comes from a family of Labour voters, said he would vote for Boris Johnson to respect the 2016 result.

He said: “I was a marginal Remainer, but I do see that we have to go with the will of the majority at the time, as it was promised to them that their view would be respected, and it hasnt been.

I do understand it will provide a challenge for business, but there are opportunities outside as well.

My mother and family were strong supporters of the Labour Party, and I could be in terms of moderate policies, but not under the Corbyn, McDonnell, Abbott trio running it.

The Tories have promised to deliver Brexit by January 31 if they have a majority in Parliament.

Labour, meanwhile, are promising a three-month renegotiation with the EU followed by a referendum.

The Liberal Democrats have said they want to revoke Article 50 but would also support a second referendum.

Recent polls show that there is limited support for a second vote, even among Remainers.

On Sunday, Deltapoll revealed that 32 per cent of Remain voters from 2016 are unsupportive of a second referendum.

Mary, an accountant, said: I voted to Remain, but the country voted on Brexit and I think we should get it done.

Its not what I would have chosen, but I absolutely, fundamentally believe that if thats what the country wants we actually have to get this done now, to bring certainty back into the economy and ensure that small businesses especially, because thats my passion, can continue to thrive and grow.

A business owner agreed:”I really just want to get the uncertainty over and done with.

“I run a small business, so the uncertainty is crippling.”

Most of these Remain switchers are former Labour and Lib Dem voters who are alienated by their partys Brexit policy.

Deltapolls results showed that only 58 per cent of people who voted Labour in 2017 now want a second referendum on EU membership. The same poll said that an even lower number of 2017 Lib Dem voters, 56 per cent, want another referendum.


On a BBC Question Time special, Mr Corbyn said he would take a neutral stance in a second referendum, and would refuse to publicly back a side.

According to a YouGov poll last week, a significant proportion of Remain-voting Labour supporters arent sure about this policy.

Only 63 per cent of Labour supporters who voted Remain think its a good outcome.

The Labour leader was attacked by the PM, who called it a “failure of leadership”.

Sally told HOAR that she was a former Labour voter, and disagreed with Mr Corbyn’s position: With the Conservatives, Im not really looking beyond Brexit, but I know what the other parties are doing I dont agree with.

I voted Lib Dems many, many years ago.

“Im ashamed to say in the last election I voted for Corbyn.

These Remainers now think that the only way to deliver Brexit is to vote Conservative.

Earlier this month, YouGov published data which said that 49 per cent of Remain voters in 2016 believe that the Tories will get Brexit done.

Voters are uneasy with Corbyn’s choice to back a second referendum
Boris wants to get Brexit done by 31 January with a majority
Jo Swinson’s cancel Brexit policy isn’t going down well with some voters

In an even starker finding, results from Deltapoll show that 32 per cent of Remain voters think a Conservative government led by Boris Johnson would be best for dealing with the issue of Brexit.

Three years after the 2016 referendum, it seems as though the British public will finally make it clear that they want Brexit done.