This Mornings Phil Schofield forces Jeremy Corbyn to apologise for anti-Semitism in Labour


PHILIP Schofield forced Jeremy Corbyn to apologise for Labours anti-Semitism scandal live on This Morning.

The leftie Boss snapped at the veteran presenter as he was grilled on air over alleged abuse of Jewish people from party members.

Philip Schofield forced Jeremy Corbyn to apologise for Labours anti-Semitism scandal live on This Morning


Mr Corbyn said: Obviously Im very sorry for everything that has happened. But I want to make this clear, I am dealing with it, I have dealt with it.

It comes after the Labour leader refused dodged giving an apology four times during an interview with the BBCs Andrew Neil last week despite saying sorry in the past.

Mr Corbyn has faced tough questions on his partys reputation for anti-semitism after Britains chief rabbi said he was not fit for office.

Ephraim Mirvis says that a new poison has taken hold in Labour sanctioned from the very top.

But Mr Corbyn told Schofield and co-host Holly Willoughby that he wants everyone in this country feel secure there is no place for antisemitism in this country.

The Islington North candidate also appeared to confirm his hunger to stay on as Labour boss after the election.

He said: I feel Im fit, I feel Im quite young enough to do the job.”

When asked what his next move would be in the party lost the vote on December 12, he said: I’m intending on winning.

“Listen, my principles, my life, my work is the same whatever I’m doing.”

Mr Corbyns appearance on This Morning comes after Boris Johnson told HOAR that he was a security risk who would bow down to Britains enemies.

Mr Johnson said the Labour leaders long history of siding with the IRA, Palestinian terrorists and the Kremlin makes him a terrifying prospect as PM.

Mr Johnson, in an exclusive interview with HOAR, said: Every time he has the chance, he sides with our enemies. He spent the long years of the Cold War basically on the other side.

Boris Johnson has warned that Jeremy Corbyn will bow down to Britain’s enemies if he’s elected Prime Minister