Thousands of ex-prisoners to be randomly drug tested to cut reoffending

EMNH6H Criminal in handcuffs

THOUSANDS of former prisoners will be randomly drug tested in a drive to cut reoffending.

Convicts whose crimes were directly linked to substance abuse face compulsory urine tests.

Former prisoners whose crimes were linked to substance abuse will be proved for 14 different types of drug

Offenders released into probation hostels will be probed for 14 different types of drug including heroin and Spice.

They will be tested at least twice during their stay with ministers aiming to conduct around 30,000 a year.

Unveiling the £1.2million scheme, Prisons Minister Robin Walker said: “This mandatory testing will act as a deterrent to anyone tempted to abuse drugs again, help cut crime and make our communities safer.”

The illegal drug trade costs taxpayers £22billion a year and swallows up parts of the police and NHS budgets.