Thousands of small boat migrants will get asylum applications approved without interviews in bid to clear huge backlog


THOUSANDS of migrants will get asylum without interviews in a bid to clear the huge backlog.

Arrivals from nations with high approval rates such as Afghanistan and Syria will see applications sped up.

Thousands of migrants will get asylum without interviews to clear the huge backlog

However critics warn it is an effective “amnesty” for small boat migrants who come here illegally, and will only encourage more to cross the Channel.

PM Rishi Sunak has vowed to clear 100,000 cases this year.

Under new two-tier plans, around 12,000 people will only have to fill in forms to apply to stay.

If they pass basic terror and crime checks and have a genuine reason, they will succeed.

They include migrants from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Syria, Yemen and Libya who arrived before last June.

The PM will also double the number of caseworkers to 2,500, and they will be required to get through at least four decisions a week.

It came as angry MPs yesterday demanded long-awaited new laws to stop the small boats.

Andrew Selous slammed block-booking of hotels for migrants leading to weddings and family events being cancelled in South West Beds.

Theo Clarke called on the PM to reconsider putting 500 single male asylum-seekers in Beaconside, Stafford, following “a huge amount of objections”.

Mr Sunak said he and the Home Secretary “are working intensely and as quickly as possible” to bring the law forward.

His spokesman denied there was a hold-up but stressed ministers had to “get it right”.