Tom Bradby leaves election viewers in stitches with HUGE sigh of relief after eight-hour show as cameras still rolling


ITV news presenter Tom Bradby had election viewers in stitches after letting out a huge sigh as the cameras rolled at the end of an eight-hour show.

The broadcaster was caught showing the strain after hisall-night stint covering Boris Johnson’s historic election victory.

Tom Bradby let out a huge sigh on camera after pulling an all-nighter as ITV’s main general election presenter

The broadcaster was at the helm for eight hours during the ITV election coverage

He had been joined by political editor Robert Peston and national editor Allegra Stratton as millions tuned in for ITV’s all-night coverage.

Handing over to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain (GMB), Mr Bradby shuffled his notes after signing off.

As he leaned back in his chair, the ITV man let out a visible sigh of relief after a long night, which saw Mr Johnson surge back to No 10 with a majority of 78, with one seat left to declare.

Viewers who had watched the all-night coverage saw the funny side after the News At Ten anchor’s long studio shift.


One person posted: “Oh my god Tom Bradby thought their show had finished when it hadn’t. what an iconic ending.

“Eight hours of non-stop presenting on election night without a break. Total respect.”

Another said: “I think Tom Bradby captures the mood for a lot of us today.”

And another tweeted: “Tom Bradby is how we all feel now.”

A fourth jested: “Thanks God that’s over. Sigh of relief signals end of marathon election coverage for UK’s presenters.”

Tom Bradby had election viewers in stitches after cameras caught him showing his relief at the end of his shift

Viewers who had stayed up all night to watch the coverage sympathised with Tom Bradby

Some said they were feeling as drained as the ITV news man

Viewers took to social media after seeing the presenter sigh with relief

Mr Johnson said this morning that his “stonking” win has given him a “powerful mandate to get Brexit done” as humiliated Jeremy Corbyn vowed to quit.

His stunning victory left Labour humiliated, with Mr Corbyn facing calls within his own party to go immediately.

TV coverage of the election kicked off at 9.55pm last night, five minutes before the exit poll was published, with presenters still reporting live at 6am.

Huw Edwards took the place of David Dimbleby as BBC’s general election anchor for the first time in 40 years.

Jeremy Vine was on hand with his famous swingometer and virtual graphics to guide viewers through the night’s events.

On Sky News, former Commons speaker John Bercow was mocked for his “pig sick” reaction to the exit poll as Boris Johnson surged to a stunning election victory.

The Remainer repeatedly clashed with his former colleagues,who accused him of anti-Brexit bias – as Mr Johnson roared back to Number 10.

Boris and Carrie wave to the cameras as they return back to No10
Jeremy Corbyn said he will step down as party leader after Labour were humiliated in the election