Top golf stars Ian Poulter and Lee Westwood take a swing at Corbyns tax plans as Labour reveal plot to ban private jets


TOP golf stars Ian Poulter and Lee Westwood have took a swing at Jeremy Corbyn’s tax plans – as Labour reveal a new plot to ban private jets.

The two fairway players both attacked the leftie boss after he took a pop at Britain’s wealthy.

English golfer Ian Poulter has taken a pop at Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn plans to ban private jets as he launches his election vow to clamp down the countrys billionaires

Mr Corbyn said there “would be no billionaires” in a fair society and “no one would live in poverty.”

Ryder Cup winner Mr Poulter branded him a “complete buffoon”.

He said on Twitter: “No one is allowed to be successful. You can’t for one minute be serious. Deluded.”

Fellow star Mr Westwood, 46, added: “This tweet is not aging well Jezza.

“If you’ve bothered to read the responses, I’d consider rethinking your policies.

“Wonder how much tax you pay and how much you give to charity?”

Last week the leftie boss revealed his radical anti-elite messages attacking the Duke of Westminster for being a “dodgy landlord”

And he singled out businesses bosses as “greedy” too.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Labour will consult with industry chiefs about banning private jets.

They want a date for phasing out the use of fossil-fuel private planes if he gets into No10.


Andy McDonald, the opposition spokesman for the transport sector, said the party was examining a damning report on banning private jets very closely.

He added that the document, by the Common Wealth think, made a very convincing argument.

Mr McDonald said: Why is the government enabling billionaires to trash the climate when its the rest of us who will suffer the consequences?

In just a few years time it will be possible for these journeys to be made by electric aircraft so long as government puts in place the right incentives.

Labour will examine these proposals closely and consult with industry on the introduction of a phase out date for the use of fossil fuel private jets.

The private jet pledge comes after a Labour MP said he did not want any Brits to be billionaires.


Lloyd Russell-Moyle told BBC Radio 5 live: I think we should have a system where everyone is able to live well and wealthy.

I don’t want this country to work for billionaires. I want it to work for ordinary and normal people.”

Mr Russell-Moyle, the Kemptown and Peacehaven MP, also backed his partys vow to scrap all private schools and force them to sell their playing fields.

Fee-paying schools will lose their multi-billion pound tax breaks and be ordered to sell off their buildings under the radical plans.

And as part of their shake-up of education, Labour also vowed to abolish the schools inspector Ofsted.

Mr Russell-Moyle said: There is a long-term aim of the Labour Party, that I support, that no one should have to pay for their education.

That education at all schools should be free at the point of delivery. And that’s what everyone should be able to have.”

Lloyd Russell-Moyle said he didn't want any Brits to be millionaires
Lloyd Russell-Moyle said he didn’t want any Brits to be billionaires
Ian Poulter plans to play seven tournaments in the next eight weeks