Tories warn Boris Johnson not to turn party into Labour light after winning over working-class voters


TORIES have warned the PM not to turn their party into Labour-light after working- class voters delivered his election success.

Some fear he risks a dangerous lurch to the Left in his eagerness to cosy up to his new Northern heartlands.

Conservative MPs have warned Boris Johnson not to turn their party into ‘Labour-light’ after working-class voters delivered his election success

They pointed out millions swung behind him because they like a true blue agenda tough on crime, immigration and benefit-dependency.

Eyebrows were raised when the PM announced a 106million plan to bail out struggling airline Flybe triggering fears of a new interventionist policy.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said: We must not make the politically fatal mistake of trying to be like Labour.

We need to show the voters who have put their trust in us this time for the first time that Conservatism is actually their natural home.

Mr Davies is among 130 MPs backing the new Blue Collar Conservative group which will launch.

North Cornwall MP Scott Mann said: Blue Collar Conservatives like me believe government should take the opportunity to demonstrate the good Conservative policies can do in all areas.

Walsall North MP Eddie Hughes said: Many working class voters now realise it is blue-collar Conservative values that best represent them.