Tory MPs at war over keeping Liz Truss as PM or finding ‘unity candidate’


TORY MPs are at war over whether Liz Truss should be replaced.

Mutinous MPs were yesterday openly discussing the PM’s removal after just 38 days in office.

Mutinous MPs are at war over whether they should replace Liz Truss after just over a month in office

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly warned plotters that replacing the PM would be a disaster for the party and economy

The PM was mulling over whether to reverse or delay her tax cuts as MPs in Westminster were discussing who could reverse the dire polling and continued economic uncertainty spooking the markets and the pound.

But Foreign Secretary James Cleverly warned plotters it would be disastrous for both the party and the economy.

Despairing MPs predicted the PM would have to get rid of her Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng if she were to cling on to power.

Under current rules, the new Tory leader is safe for a year but MPs are discussing whether to rip them up.

One said: “What happens if we get to the quota of letters? The 22 won’t just sit back and do nothing.”

One senior MP suggested the leadership rules could be bent to allow them to skip a lengthy and divisive members vote – pointing out Penny Mordaunt and Rishi Sunak already had the support of MPs.

Lord Lamont, the former Tory Chancellor, said it would be farcical to boot her out so soon.

He said: “We need to calm down and get our house in order.”