Tory row explodes over trans advice planned for schools

Mixed gender public bathroom

A TORY row has exploded over plans to let male-born pupils who identify as female to wear skirts as part of incoming government advice to teachers.

Ministers have been met with a wall of fury after it emerged that new guidance could encourage schools to allow pupils to choose whatever gender uniform they liked.

Installing unisex toilets is understood to be under consideration.

Installing unisex toilets and letting trans kids use the changing rooms before their non-trans peers are also understood to be under consideration.

Education Secretary Kit Malthouse is awaiting the final recommendations from the Equality and Human Rights Commission and experts before sending the advice to heads in the New Year. 

After angry Conservative MPs hit out, senior government sources said the most contentious parts of the guidance will likely be dropped.

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Blasting the reported proposals, Tory backbencher Miriam Cates said: “If this is true, it is incredibly concerning and presents a real risk to children’s safety. 

“This is not a culture war issue – it’s a safeguarding issue and we should not be talking about ‘compromises’ when it comes to safeguarding.”

The Department for Education last night stressed no decisions had been made.

A spokesperson said: “We recognise that this can be a complex and sensitive topic for schools to navigate, which is why the Department for Education is continuing to work towards providing the clearest possible guidance to all.

“This work is ongoing and it would be wrong to suggest decisions have been made on the guidance.”

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