UK Equalities Minister warns of epidemic of gay children being pushed to transition


The number of gay children being pushed to transition is at "almost epidemic" levels, according to Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch. In a fiery Commons debate, she insisted that "no child is born in the wrong body" and that these children are being exploited by those who don't understand their problems.

Exploitation of vulnerable children

Badenoch expressed concern over the increasing number of young gay children being told they are transgender and put on a medical pathway for irreversible decisions. She emphasized that many of these children end up regretting their transition. "No child is born in the wrong body and no child should be put on a medical pathway towards irreversible medical transition," she said.

Upcoming guidance for schools

Education Secretary Gillian Keegan addressed the issue by stating that upcoming guidance for schools would not ban pupils from identifying as the opposite gender. However, sources have indicated that there will be a "presumption against" children socially transitioning. A full ban, as advocated by some Conservative MPs, would require a change in equalities law.

Criticisms of current trans situation in schools

Conservative MP Nick Fletcher criticized the current trans situation in schools, expressing his inability to sleep at night knowing that the Education Secretary allows it. He also highlighted concerns about the material being taught in schools, giving an example of teaching that claims the world is not divided into men and women.