Viewers baffled as ‘magic’ Budget folder mysteriously changes colour from red to green live on TV


BRITS have been baffled after Rishi Sunak’s folder is spotted changing colours as he walks down the street on live TV.

Footage of the magic box turning from red to bright green has emerged and gone viral in the run up to the Chancellor’s budget statement today.

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First the Chancellor folder is red

The video was captured by Sky News as Mr Sunak walked out of Downing Street a few days ago.

He walks out the door with his red folder, and as he walks behind a car the folder is obscured from view.

When he emerged from the other side of the car, the same folder has bizarrely turned bright green, and no other folder is in sight.

Mr Sunak walks with the red folder
The folder disappears from sight for seconds
When he reappears with the folder it has changed colours to green

Twitter users were shocked by the mysterious colour-changing folder.

One wrote: “Either Rishi Sunak is a magician or we really shouldn’t trust everything we see on the news. Keep watching the folder #Budget2020 #BudgetSpeech2020″

Another shared the video and wrote: “Dear @SkyNews, can you explain this? Watch the folder! Crazy! Will we see magic like that from him in the #Budget2020? #coronavirus.”

The magician’s trick has distracted people from the budget delivered today, with some declaring they won’t be able to rest until the understand how it happened.

One wrote: “As #Budget2020 is upon us, is it strange that I’m extremely preoccupied with the Chancellors Rishi Sunak magically changing folder colour.”