Viewers claim Corbyn looks very weak on national security in debateas hes forced to deny plans hell shut down Mi5


VIEWERS watching tonight’s BBC leaders debate have claimed Jeremy Corbyn posed a “threat” to the country’s national security – as he was forced to deny plans to shut down MI5.

Mr Corbyn and Boris Johnson tussled over security in the wake of last week’s terror attack in London Bridge carried out by convicted terrorist Usman Khan.

The two leaders went head to head in tonight’s BBC debate

The PM tried to portray Mr Corbyn as a longtime anti-war and anti-nuclear campaigner, who was soft on security.

Many viewers tuning in agreed and accused the Labour leader of appearing “weak” on the subject, after a strong performance on the NHS.

One commentator tweeted: “Who would trust Jeremy Corbyn with our national security and the safety and protection of the citizens of this country? To even consider it is horrifying.”

Kevin Alcock, 42, said: “Corbyn did a bit better in the NHS but looks very weak on the security issue.”

Andrew Robinson wrote: “Corbyn is a massive threat to the security of our country.”

Another viewer tweeted: “Corbyn was doing well until the security question.”

Viewers accused Jeremy Corbyn of looking ‘very weak’ on security

Elsewhere in the debate Mr Johnson pointed out Diane Abbott had previously signed an early day motion to abolish Mi5.

He said: “When you look at Mi5, the body that keeps us safe from terror attacks, he’s proposing to put in a home secretary in the form of Diane Abbott who has called for Mi5 to be disbanded.”

Mr Corbyn was forced to deny that and insisted his party could be trusted on security, pointing out how the Tories had cut police numbers and prison services.


Following the terror attack in London Bridge last week, an audience member asked the leaders whether they were prepared to put public safety ahead of human rights.

In response Mr Corbyn said: “It’s not an either/or. You have to keep the public safe…you have to give people that security, you don’t get security on the cheap.”

He added: “There is no difference between wanting security and human rights, the two things are inextricably linked.”

Mr Johnson said it was “extraordinary and wrong” the attacker was given automatic early release after an earlier terrorism conviction.

He said: “I think it is wrong that someone like Usman Khan…should have been out automatically after eight years when the judge made it clear he was…a risk to public safety.”

Boris said a Tory government would make sure terrorist served their full sentence – which was met with applause in the audience.

Mr Johnson also attacked the Labour leader over his previous support for the IRA.

He said: “I do find it slightly curious to say the least to be lectured about the union between Great Britain and Northern Ireland by a man who all his political life has campaigned to break up that union and actually supported for four decades the IRA their in their campaign violently to destroy it.”

However the Tory boss was mocked by viewers for continually trotting out the same lines, including “Get Brexit Done” and describing his Brexit deal as “oven ready”.

They accused Mr Johnson of repeating the same “dull slogans about Brexit.”

Viewers also accused Mr Johnson of appearing untrustworthy and of “waffling” his way through the debate with the same soundbites.

The PM was accused by viewers of repeating the same soundbites during tonight’s debate