Wales backs Boris’ plans to get some primary school kids back before summer holidays too


WALES has backed Boris’ plan to get primary school children back in classrooms before the summer holidays.

Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford said if it’s safe to do so he will try to start reopening Welsh schools.

Primary school children in England could be headed back to classrooms on June 1
Mark Drakeford said he wanted Welsh kids back in schools before summer

The PM announced last weekend that schools would reopen by June 1 for children in reception, year one and year six.

But the Government is in a stand-off with unions who have dug their heels in and told teachers not to engage with plans to reopen schools until their safety is guaranteed.

Wales has so far ignored Mr Johnson’s roadmap for easing the lockdown and has carried on with stay at home orders while England has moved to the new “stay alert” messaging.

Mr Drakeford will today lay out Wales’ roadmap out of lockdown – but has said he won’t give dates for easing restrictions.

He told GMB: “We won’t be bringing new cohorts of children back into schools on the 1st of June.

“We would like to bring some children back into school before the summer holiday if we could

“We would like to bring children in year 6 for example – going into secondary school, it’s a big right of passage.

“If it is safe to do it, we would like to bring those children back together again before the holidays.”

Mr Drakeford said the Welsh Government would be working closely with teachers’ unions.

“We wanted to go on having a conversation with our teaching unions, with our education authorities, and with parents is really important.”

He added: “You can open schools as much as you like if parents don’t feel they will be safe to send them back to school, then there won’t be children there anyway.”

‘Stay away’ from Wales

The First Minister also told people to stay local and warned them not to visit Wales – despite Mr Johnson telling people they can now visit beauty spots.

Wales has refused to allow people more freedom over concerns easing measures will allow a fresh wave of infections.

Mr Drakeford said: “We do not believe we are yet to reach the point where everybody would have confidence that all the things you would need in place to make (easing measures) happen are here and in place.”

“It’s up to the PM to make decisions for England – I think it’s very important we move as one.”

“I’m not in favour of road blocks between England and Wales… the police will have powers to stop people (if they visit Wales).

He begged Brits “not to come to Wales and visit” saying “car parks are closed, beauty spots are closed.”

Scotland and Northern Ireland have also refused to update their advice to “stay alert” and have followed the stay at home advice.