Website urging Brits to join new ‘Land Army’ to pick fruit and veg crashes within seconds of launch


THE GOVERNMENT was left red faced last night after their new website urging Brits to join a new Land Army crashed within seconds of launching.

Environment Secretary George Eustice launched the ‘Pick for Britain’ website at last night’s Downing Street press conference.

The Government’s new website urging Brits to join a Land Army to pick fruit and veg crashed within seconds of launching

But people hearing his message and logging on were met with a message saying “service is not available”.

Begging furloughed Brits to roll up their sleeves to get the harvest in, Mr Eustice said it will be a chance for them to pick up a pay cheque.

He said: “Every year large numbers of people come from countries such as Romania or Bulgaria to take part in the harvest, harvesting crops such as strawberries and salads and vegetables.

“We estimate that probably only about a third of the people that would normally come are already here, and small numbers may continue to travel.

“But one thing is clear and that is that this year we will need to rely on British workers to lend a hand to help bring that harvest home.”


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