What time is Trumps NATO press conference today and what will he say?


THE US president Donald Trump is set to give a press conference today following the NATO summit in Watford.

But what time is the conference and what will he say? Here’s everything we know…

Trump will speak to journalists today following the NATO summit

What time is Donald Trump’s press conference today?

President Donald Trump will speak at 3pm today, Wednesday December 4.

His press conference will follow on from the Prime Minister’s, with Boris Johnson addressing the media at 2 o’clock.

You can watch a live-stream of the press conference on CBS.

Trump previously said he had discussed ‘numerous subjects’ with Boris Johnson

What will Donald Trump talk about?

It’s not yet clear what the president plans to discuss with the British press.

However, earlier today he tweeted that he had “enjoyed” meeting Boris Johnson and that they “talked about numerous subjects.”

The president added that he had discussed Trade and NATO with the PM.

He could also address Macron’s criticism that NATO was suffering from “brain death,” having previously slammed the French leader for the comments.

He said it was a “very, very nasty statement.”

Where is the summit held and where is The Grove Hotel?

TheNato 2019summit is being held in Watford, Herts.

Some of the world’s most important leaders are meeting at The Grove Hotel at Chandler’s Cross.

Nato summits are a periodic opportunity for Heads of State and Heads of Government to meet and evaluate Nato’s current strategies, evaluate the alliance’s current position and brainstorm strategic direction.

The leaders, pictured at the NATO summit

What happened on the first day of Nato talks?

Donald Trump touched down in the UK on Monday, December 2, ready to attend the summit.

He was met by protesters ahead of an event at Buckingham Palace the following evening where he and other leaders were greeted by theQueen andPrince Charles.

The leaders met at the palace to mark 70 years of the alliance.