Whats happening before the Brexit deadline?

Should remainers fail in their desperate bid to stop Brexit, the leaving day will be October 31

MEASURES to help the UK economy after Brexit are to be set out in the Queen’s Speech, the government says.

Plans to end the free movement of EU citizens into the UK and provide faster access to medicines will be unveiled.

What’s happening ahead of Brexit deadline?

Monday 14 October – The Commons is due to return, and the government will use the Queen’s Speech to set out its legislative agenda. The speech will then be debated by MPs throughout the week.

Thursday 17 October – Crucial two-day summit of EU leaders begins in Brussels. This is the last such meeting currently scheduled before the Brexit deadline.

Saturday 19 October – Special sitting of Parliament and the date by which the PM must ask the EU for another delay to Brexit under the Benn Act, if no Brexit deal has been approved by Parliament and they have not agreed to the UK leaving with no-deal.

Thursday 31 October – Date by which the UK is due to leave the EU, with or without a withdrawal agreement.

What is the Government doing to prepare for a No Deal?

Boris Johnson has has insisted he won’t ask the EU to delay Brexit again – even if he is required to do so by law.

The Benn bill has been presented by Labour MP Hilary Benn, and has been signed by opposition leaders and recently-sacked Conservatives, including Alistair Burt and Philip Hammond.

It requires the Government to either reach a deal – or gain Parliament’s approval for a no-deal Brexit by October 19.

Johnson announced an extra 2.1billion of funding to prepare for a No Deal, which is doubling the amount of money set aside this year.

Ministers had previously announced plans for troops on the street and emergency ferries to cope with this scenario.

They had already unveiled the post-Brexit immigration system, which will end preferential treatment for EU migrants.

Mr Johnson has tasked Michael Gove with preparing for a No Deal Brexit.

He also assured the 3.2million EU nationals living in Britain that “under this government you will get the absolute certainty of the rights to live and remain.”

The government is expected to be defeated later today when it asks MPs again to agree to a snap election.

Why is the UK’s withdrawal from the EU plunged in chaos?

Britain had been due to leave the European Union on March 29, 2019.

However, after UK MPs rejected the withdrawal deal Mrs May had agreed with Brussels – EU leaders eventually agreed to a six-month extension to the exit process until October 31, 2019.

The UK can leave the EU before this date if a withdrawal agreement is ratified between Britain and Brussels before then.

After failing to pass her hated Withdrawal Agreement, Theresa May resigned as Prime Minister on June 7 2019.