White van man snob Emily Thornberry knocked out of Labour leadership race


WHITE Van Man snob Emily Thornberry was knocked out of Labours leadership race last night.

Thornberry, who once sneered at a voter for draping his home in St Georges flags, failed to get the the necessary 33 nominations to continue.

White van man snob Emily Thornberry has been knocked out of the Labour leadership race

In a desperate last-ditch bid to win support, she unveiled a policy to allow public sector workers to access their pension pots before they retire.

She needed two more local Labour party associations to back her to get on the ballot paper by midnight in the race to replace Jeremy Corbyn.

Sir Keir Starmer led the pack with 374, with Rebecca Long Bailey on 164 and Lisa Nandy on 72.

Nandy was boosted after winning the overwhelming backing of the Jewish Labour Movement.