Whitehall offers top positions with £160k salaries that allow working from home


LUCRATIVE positions in Whitehall are on offer with £160,000 salaries that allow home-working.

It comes despite ministers stepping up the pressure to get back to the office.

Offices in Whitehall have been pictured lying empty on weekdays

There are 21 highly-paid London roles being advertised — including roles at the Ministry of Defence and Home Office — that will allow for flexible working.

Civil Service guidance says it may be possible to do “some or all of the work” away from the normal place of employment.

One senior role in the Cabinet Office is Cyber Director, with a salary of up to £160,000.

Other positions include Levelling Up Directors, which come with a salary of up to £144,000.

The Government is looking for 14 of those nationwide, with flexible working also an option.

But former Tory leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith said: “It’s time for civil servants, particularly senior ones, to get back to the office.



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“They need to come back to teach younger people and show them the way.

“We are social animals and exchange ideas outside formal meetings.”

Dozens of departments across Whitehall and quangos require staff to be in the office for as little as two days a week.

But Cabinet Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg has said civil servants need to make a “rapid return” to the office.

A government spokesman said: “Ministers have been clear that departments should make maximum use of office space and progress is being monitored.”

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