Who is MP James Cleverly?

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JAMES CLEVERLY plays a very important role in the UK’s foreign affairs as he holds the role of Foreign Secretary.

Let’s get to know more about the Tory MP, James Cleverly.

James Cleverly was appointed as Foreign Secretary

Who is James Cleverly?

James Cleverly – born on September 4 1969 – is the member of Parliament for the Essex constituency of Braintree.

He is originally from Lewisham, South East London.

Before becoming an MP, he worked in magazine and online publishing, and since 1991 has also served in the Territorial Army, currently holding the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

He has a wife named Susannah Janet Temple Cleverly and they have two sons, Freddy and Rupert.

What is James Cleverly’s current role?

James Cleverly was appointed to become foreign secretary on September 6, 2022.

His full role title is Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs.

His responsibilities include, as per the Government website:

  • overarchably responsible for the departmental portfolio and oversees the ministerial team
  • Cabinet
  • responsible for Foreign Policy and National Security Council
  • strategy
  • intelligence policy
  • honours

What other roles has James Cleverly held?

Before taking on his new role, Cleverly was the Education Secretary for three months, from July 2022 till September 2022.

Then he was also the Minister of State for Europe and North America in the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) from February to July 2022.

Another foreign affairs role that he took on was Minister of State for Europe and North America in the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) from February to July 2022.

Then he became chairman of the Conservative party together with Ben Elliot from July 2019 till February 2020 while also serving the role of Minister without Portfolio.

Asked in 2015 who should succeed David Cameron as leader of the Conservatives, he replied: “Me.”

On May 28 2019, Cleverly put his hat on the ring to succeed Theresa May as leader of the Conservative party and prime minister, but on June 4 withdrew from the race.

Tweeting at the time, he wrote: “While I got some fantastic support from @TeamCleverly, members of the @Conservatives party and MPs, it become clear I was unlikely to get the numbers I needed to progress to the final two candidates.”

Cleverly became incumbent chairman of the Conservative Party.

He has previously served as deputy chairman and as parliamentary under-secretary for Exiting the European Union.

He first became an MP at the 2015 election, having served since 2007 as a member of the London Assembly.